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Scripture Bowl

Here's a fun activity we use to teach our children the Word of God. Purchase a regular fish bowl and select scriptures from the Bible once a week. Write the scriptures down on colorful paper and teach them to your child. Once he/she masters it, drop the scripture in the bowl. Repeat these steps on a weekly basis; and periodically, remove a scripture from the bowl. Ask your child to recite it. You may even be creative and use fill in the blanks, prompting your child to say the correct word(s). For example, "For God so ______ the world..." (John 3:16). What is the end result? Your child will enjoy learning the Word, and not just memorizing but internalizing scripture.

Teacher and Student

Story Starters

There are many creative ways to write with children. Give them a starting sentence, and let them complete it. Find pictures, and let them write their own story. ​Create puppets, and encourage them to have a puppet show with their own developed plot. You can stick to Biblical themes or any appropriate topic you want to write. Here is an example of a scriptural story starter about Cain and Abel. 
Give a writing prompt like, "I can give God my best offering by..." What is the end result? Your child will gain confidence in his or her own creativity with just the right amount of adult scaffolding. 

Interested Student

Independent Writers

Writing stems from a habit of reading. Take the time to read to your child for a minimum of 15 minutes each day, and go to the library at least once a week. Encourage your child to keep a journal and experience what the author is saying, or what he or she encountered during the day (i.e. seeing a flower blossom). This template will help your child take interest in what he or she is reading and writing about by using the senses.  What is the end result? Your child will discover/develop his or her talent(s) with less guidance from adults and more confidence in his/her ability.

Kids Playing Soccer

Character Wall

Are you ready to do an arts and crafts activity? If so, let’s go to the store and purchase construction paper, letters, and stickers to create a Character Wall. Cut out heart shapes, and ask your child to think of characteristic traits he/she wants to have in his/her life. As your child goes through the day, allow your child to assess his/her behavior. Once the day is over and your child is ready for bed, post a sticker in each heart your child modeled excellent behavior. What’s the end result? Your child gets to select personal traits to embed in his/her heart and feels excited to reward his/her positive behavior.

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