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Words from a Childlike Heart Bible App

Video Features Voice Over Artist, Mr. Andy Barnett.

Partner With Us

Making a Difference

We would love for you to partner with us to help achieve our goals. There are many ways you and your company, ministry, church, or school can make a contribution that will aid us to effectively share the Bible with children all over the world. Our most important needs are prayer, financial investments, and the time and talent you can share with us.


Volunteer Opportunities

Doing What’s Needed

If you are gifted in education and technology, come join our team. You will have the joy of helping us implement our fun and creative ideas. Download our partnership letter for full volunteer descriptions and more information. We would love to see your credentials and what you can offer. Please send all correspondence to

Our Bible App Storybook

Learning the Bible

We published a beautifully crafted Storybook as a companion to our Bible App. The Storybook illustrates 41 Bible poems and includes the lyrics to "The Bible Alphabet Song" by Psalty's Kids Co! It also has a Fun Zone with puzzles and coloring pages. View the digital version, or gift a child with a paperback copy to help children learn God's Word.

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Words from a Childike Heart Bible App

We're changing the way kids learn the Bible. Visit your app store today for Android and Apple and download the Words from a Childlike Heart App for free. It is with great joy that our Bible App is reaching more than 65 countries. Whether you are a parent, teacher, church, or faith-based organization, we invite you to partner with us today. We welcome you to our family to help us continue expanding our outreach to teach children God's Word and create loving memories with our families.


Splash Screen

This is the beautiful splash screen and cover for our app and storybook. We thank our illustrator, Mr. Ed Koehler, for capturing our vision and producing such high quality images for our Bible App. We also thank Mr. Masaru Horie for producing high quality images for our Storybook.


Menu Screen

This is the menu selection screen for our app. Our users have the options to listen to Old Testament Poems, New Testament Poems, "The Bible Alphabet Song" by Psalty's Kids Co!, and our "Superhero" Bonus Poem. We thank Mr. Nikhil Verma and our development team for capturing our vision.

Old Testament

This is the Old Testament menu screen. Our users have the options to listen to 20 Bible stories told through original poetry. We thank our music producers, Mr. Michael Upshaw and Mr. Dexter Moore for the amazing music compositions to accompany our poems.


New Testament

This is the New Testament menu screen. Our users have the options to listen to 20 Bible stories told through original poetry. We thank our editor Ms. Teresa Crumpton, for pouring her love into editing our poems; and Voice Over Artist, Ms. Lisa Biggs, for narrating Theo and Izzy's voices.

Theo Alone transparent_resized.png

Theo the Word Seeker

Theo is a gifted 10-year-old trailblazer who shows great respect for God and His Word. He seeks the truth and is serious about being a Youth Ambassador for Christ. Theo is a joyful, young man with a positive attitude. He wants to encourage children to not bend to peer pressure, but focus on being leaders in school.

Izzy Alone transparent.png

Izzy the Word Seeker

Izzy is a kind 7-year-old who can brighten a room wherever she goes. She is a good role model as a Youth Ambassador. Izzy has amazing leadership potential to share her knowledge of God's Word and inspire children to have a relationship with Christ. She encourages children to do well in school and respect their teachers.

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