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Write For Us!

Thank you for your interest in writing for Childlike Heart, Inc.!  We are excited that you have decided to share your God-given literary talent with us, and we gladly welcome you to submit your articles.  We are currently seeking writers for our Parent Column. So many factors influence our children today, and you can have a positive voice to help other parents.

Writer's Guidelines

  1. Please submit original articles.

  2. Please cite all scriptures, references to scriptures or research to credit your writing.

  3. Please edit your work prior to submission. 

Submission Guidelines

  1. Please include your name and if applicable, website or link with your submission. 

  2. Please submit articles through e-mail.

  3. Please submit 1 professional, high-resolution photo of yourself to accompany your article.  

Terms and Conditions

  1. does not compensate any author for his or her article submissions. This is a free-will submission opportunity for you with the invaluable benefit of reaching many people.

  2. reserves the right to edit for length, content, grammar, and context. However, you will still receive full credit for your article submission with your link in place.

  3. By submitting your work, you have given us your full authority to publish, reprint, and promote your work on our site, in our newsletters, and other publications, citing you as the author. You hereby hold, its staff and other affiliates harmless of any indemnity, or actions of others reprinting or distributing your work due to it being published or affiliated with us.

  4. Please be advised that we reserve the express right to reject any article submission due to spiritual error, aggressive tone, or any other infraction that does not support our mission, vision, and tone.

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