Thank you for wanting to join in the experience of making a difference in children's lives. We are a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to operate with excellence. However, we know we are a more excellent organization with your partnership. Enjoy the content of our site and contact us if you feel as though you can help with our vision.


Dreams In Action

  • We are building self-esteem and a sense of trust through relationships with caring adults and other children.

  • We are supporting the home in-vironment and network en-vironment by using fun, innovative ways to help parents teach their children how to learn the Bible.

  • We are guiding and nurturing children and parents into a relationship with God.


Reaching For The Top

Childlike Heart, Inc. is designed to reach the age group of 3-12 years of age. We are building our success on the following objectives:

  • We establish connections with churches, local businesses, and other community organizations.

  • We bridge the generational gap to foster learning at all levels.

  • We develop artistic ability through writing and other avenues of Christ-centered expression.

  • We restore faith in the community by hosting events, such as our Scripture Bowls, in a public arena, where all are welcomed.

  • We foster educational achievement and literature enrichment (i.e. book-a-thon).

  • We offer volunteer work, enabling us to attract potential parent-children teams.

  • We host a weekly Power Line to fellowship with other parents and guardians. 


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