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Literacy Foundation

Through literacy we are influencing the whole family experience.  As a core approach in our organization, we understand the importance of including parents in their child's education. When children develop and improve their ability to read, write, speak, and listen, they become effective communicators by applying their skills. We hope our writings can encourage other children to know that they also have a voice to be spoken on paper.


Dear Friends,

Poetry is so much fun! When we wrote our first poem, Superhero, we never dreamed that someday we'd have five books. We thank God for blessing us with our Words from a Childlike Heart series (Volumes I, II, and III). By the time you are finished, you will know why Jesus is our favorite Superhero. Also, Bible stories will soon be hidden in your heart and bursting out with rhyme. It's a unique experience the whole family will love!

As of June 2015, we are happy to announce that our Literature division is still expanding. With God's leading, our children published their fourth picture book, titled God's Great Creation with their original illustrations. You'll love their creativity and vivid images as they share the story about creation. To express more joy, we released our fifth poetry book in May 2017 to complement our Words from a Childlike Heart Bible App, featuring Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers.

Don't forget to write us and share your thoughts. We pray that you enjoy our poems. Read and jot your ideas on paper. It may turn into a book!

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